I finished reading David Foster Wallace’s essay collection (Consider the Lobster and Other Essays), and can’t help but think that all the editors when getting one of these opened their eyes wide and thought this is not what I expected (like an essay for Gourmet about some lobster festival which is less about the culinary experience and more about the ethics of boiling them alive, including some descriptions on the crustacean nervous system) and definitely having to edit the length (an essay about John McCain’s presidential campaign apparently was longer than all the text in one issue of Rolling Stone combined).

Also, after a while when they got to know his style, he was probably asked on purpose, to get a different perspective. For example, apparently the point for the RS presidential campaign articles was to hire people who were definitely not political journalists.

The whole book was immensely entertaining, DWF knows how to put words after another unlike anyone else really. He uses a very wide vocabulary, but it never feels pretentious or posing because he very precisely knows what he wants to say. For example, 60-page essay on a usage dictionary? Not boring. 50 pages on the American porn industry in the 90’s? Probably the most hilarious thing I’ve read in ages.

In short, highly recommended.